Box Idiomes


Comprehensive web application project for a language training center.

The application has a private control panel that allows you to manage the public part of the content, as well as the part of the internal management of the academy. The professors and the services that are offered on the public side dynamically appear.

The internal part of the manager allows to register students and parents. It allows to control the attendance of the students in the classes and finally to carry out the part of invoicing and collections. The application has been 100% adapted to the client's business model by reducing routine routine management time, such as generating receipts to turn the bank in accordance with SEPA Core regulations.

The main features are:

  • Teacher management
  • Management of students and parents
  • Kinship control allows you to apply discounts automatically based on the number of siblings
  • Management of groups and classrooms
  • Assistance control of students in classrooms
  • Automatic billing
  • Generation of SEPA Core Receipts with XML format
  • Invoice management
  • Management of web contact messages
  • Follow up of expenses
  • Fast control panel with monthly invoicing metrics
  • Global calendar

Technologies used: PHP7, Symfony2, SonataAdmin and Bootstrap3