Visitmuseum is a project of the Agencia Catalana del Patrimoni to promote museums as a tourism resource format.

The application is a support element for the visitor that allows to complement their journey with an available high quality and detailed content in multiple languages.

The main features are:

  • Museums list sorted by proximity and an interactive map view
  • Detailed information about artworks, objects and halls of each museum
  • Audioguide functionality
  • Automatic data synchronization and offline operation
  • Additional audios and videos to complement the visit
  • QR code capture content
  • Available in 5 languages ​​(Catalan, Aranese Occitan, Spanish, English and French)

It has been implemented an iOS, Android and web versions. All platforms share the same database that is managed by a custom CMS. Finally, it has been developed an API Rest for sharing data between different platforms.

Technologies used: PHP7, Symfony2, AngularJS, Objective-C & Java